Young Braxton Berrios Fan Makes Waves at Dolphins Game

Young Braxton Berrios Fan Makes Waves at Dolphins Game

Alix Earle, the girlfriend of Miami Dolphins’ wide receiver Braxton Berrios, recently shared an adorable video of her young brother passionately cheering for Berrios at a game against the New York Jets.

On Black Friday, Alix Earle and her family braved the cold at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey to show their support for Berrios and the Dolphins. Alix, who is known for her love of sports and her active presence on social media, captured a heartwarming moment on camera as her little brother enthusiastically shouted, ‘Go Braxton!’ from the stands.

The video quickly went viral, melting the hearts of fans across the nation. It serves as a reminder of the power of sports to bring people together and create lasting memories.

Berrios, a rising star in the NFL, was delighted to see the unwavering support from Alix’s brother. In a post-game interview, he expressed his gratitude to Alix and her family for their constant encouragement and presence at the games.

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