Robbie Savage predicts where Liverpool and Everton will finish in the Premier League table

Robbie Savage predicts where Liverpool and Everton will finish in the Premier League table

Former professional footballer Robbie Savage has recently shared his predictions on how Everton and Liverpool will perform in the upcoming Premier League season.

With both Everton and Liverpool having had successful campaigns in recent years, football fans are eager to see how the two Merseyside clubs will fare against each other this season.

According to Savage, Liverpool will continue to be a force to be reckoned with, despite facing strong competition from other top clubs. He predicts that Jurgen Klopp’s side will finish within the top three positions in the Premier League table.

On the other hand, Savage believes that Everton will also have a successful season but may not be able to match Liverpool’s performance. He suggests that Everton will likely finish in the top six, securing a spot in European competitions.

As a former player and now a respected football pundit, Savage’s predictions carry weight within the industry. His analysis takes into consideration various factors such as team strength, transfer activity, and overall performance during pre-season.

Sports bettors who are planning to place their bets on Premier League outcomes may find Savage’s predictions helpful in assessing the probabilities of Liverpool and Everton’s performances. These predictions can serve as a reference point and provide some insights into potential betting opportunities.

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In conclusion, Robbie Savage’s predictions on the Premier League positions of Liverpool and Everton provide valuable insight for football fans and sports bettors alike. Liverpool is expected to perform strongly and secure a top-three position, while Everton is likely to have a successful season and finish within the top six. Sports bettors should consider various factors and utilize betting strategies when placing their bets on Premier League matches.