Why Paul Hurst Should Retain the Squad’s Positive Experience from Last Season at Grimsby Town

Why Paul Hurst Should Retain the Squad's Positive Experience from Last Season at Grimsby Town

With Paul Hurst now in charge of Grimsby Town, fans are wondering what changes he will bring to the club. Last season was not a great one for the team, but there were certainly some positive experiences to be taken from it. And one thing that Hurst should definitely retain from last season’s squad is their positive attitude.

Despite the team’s struggles, there were plenty of examples of players showing real grit and determination. A willingness to fight for every point on the pitch, even in the face of adversity, was evident throughout the season.

This sort of mentality is crucial for any team looking to succeed, and it is something that Hurst must build on if he is to get Grimsby Town back on track in the coming season. While he will no doubt have his own plans and ideas for the team, he should not overlook the importance of this positive attitude and hard-working mentality.

Hurst has a tough job on his hands, but with the right approach and the right players, there is no reason why Grimsby Town cannot improve on last season’s performance. And if he can retain the team’s positive experience from last season, he will be well on his way to achieving that goal.