Nothing’s changed with VAR, says Gareth Southgate

Nothing’s changed with VAR, says Gareth Southgate

Gareth Southgate, the England boss, has recently expressed his frustrations with the ongoing controversy surrounding the use of VAR in football matches.

Despite hopes that the off-field decision-making process would bring clarity and accuracy to refereeing decisions, Southgate claims that the implementation of VAR has not resolved any of the long-standing issues.

Speaking at a press conference, Southgate stated, ‘It’s disappointing to see that nothing has changed with VAR. We were hopeful that it would bring about a significant improvement, but it seems that we are still facing the same old problems.’

The England manager’s comments come after a series of high-profile incidents in recent matches, where decisions made with the assistance of VAR have continued to spark controversy and debate.

Southgate emphasized the need for transparency and consistency, highlighting that the flaws in the decision-making process were affecting the integrity of the game.

‘The fans and the players deserve more consistency in decision-making. It’s frustrating to see the impact VAR is having on the flow of the game.’

Discussing the potential solutions, Southgate suggested, ‘It’s essential that we work together to make improvements. Whether it’s through clearer guidelines, better communication, or increased training for officials, we cannot continue in this manner.’

The manager’s concerns echo those of many football fans and pundits who have criticized the use of VAR, claiming that it disrupts the natural flow and excitement of the game.

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