Moment Andrew Abdo leaves Dylan Edwards confused in hilarious scenes as NRL boss baffles fans and the Panthers star with bizarre compliment

Moment Andrew Abdo leaves Dylan Edwards confused in hilarious scenes as NRL boss baffles fans and the Panthers star with bizarre compliment

Panthers fullback Dylan Edwards was left visibly confused with a bizarre shout out from NRL CEO Andrew Abdo during Saturday night’s minor premiership presentation.

As the Penrith Panthers celebrated their victory, NRL CEO Andrew Abdo took to the stage to congratulate the team and commend their exceptional efforts throughout the season. However, his unusual choice of words left not only Dylan Edwards but also the fans in attendance baffled.

Abdo began his speech by praising the players, saying, ‘I have never seen a fullback with such remarkable agility and determination as Dylan Edwards. It’s like you have springs in your shoes and an uncanny ability to read the opponent’s mind. It’s truly exceptional!’

With a perplexed expression on his face, Edwards glanced around, seemingly unsure of how to react to the unconventional compliment. Fans also couldn’t help but chuckle at the instance, as Abdo’s praise took an unexpected turn.

In the post-event interview, Edwards expressed his confusion, stating, ‘I appreciate the kind words from Andrew Abdo, but I must admit, I’m still figuring out how my agility and mind-reading capabilities became a topic of discussion today. It was definitely an amusing moment.’

This hilarious incident quickly spread on social media, with fans and followers sharing their amusement over Abdo’s eccentric compliment. Memes and funny comments flooded various platforms, turning the incident into a viral sensation.

The Panthers fullback has been a key player for the team throughout the season. His skills on the field and exceptional performances have contributed significantly to the Panthers’ success. However, it seems that his extraordinary talent and agility now also include mind-reading abilities, at least according to Abdo’s unexpected remarks.

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