Lewis Hamilton tells Max Verstappen to stop complaining about the glitz and glam for Las Vegas’ Grand Prix… after his great rival complained he felt like a CLOWN at opening ceremony

Lewis Hamilton tells Max Verstappen to stop complaining about the glitz and glam for Las Vegas' Grand Prix... after his great rival complained he felt like a CLOWN at opening ceremony

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, two of Formula 1’s greatest rivals, found themselves at odds once again, this time over the opening ceremony of the much-anticipated Las Vegas Grand Prix. Verstappen had expressed his discontent, feeling like a clown amidst the glitz and glam of the 30-minute extravaganza.

The event, hailed as the greatest show on earth, featured an array of performances by renowned artists such as Kylie Minogue, who took the stage to mesmerize the audience with her timeless hits. The grand spectacle was meant to set the stage for the penultimate round of the season.

Hamilton, however, was quick to dismiss Verstappen’s complaints and urged him to focus on the race rather than get caught up in the surrounding distractions. As two of the sport’s top contenders, their rivalry has been intense and occasionally fiery.

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The Las Vegas Grand Prix holds extra significance as it nears the end of the season. With the World Championship still up for grabs, every race becomes crucial for both Hamilton and Verstappen. Their clash in Las Vegas will undoubtedly be a thrilling spectacle for fans and sports bettors alike.