Is Reo Hatate’s Celtic exit inevitable and will Rangers see off Servette? Saturday Jury

Is Reo Hatate's Celtic exit inevitable and will Rangers see off Servette? Saturday Jury

Reo Hatate’s potential departure from Celtic has been a topic of speculation in recent weeks. With the transfer window nearing its end, the question of whether the midfielder will indeed leave Parkhead is becoming more pressing. In this Saturday Jury, Record Sport’s top team provides their insights on Hatate’s future and assess our clubs’ chances of European success next week.

It’s not uncommon for talented players to attract interest from other clubs, especially if they’ve shown remarkable performances in their respective teams. Hatate has been a key figure for Celtic, impressing both fans and critics alike with his skills on the field. However, financial factors and the desire for new challenges often lead to players seeking opportunities elsewhere.

While it is not definitive that Hatate will leave Celtic, the speculation surrounding his future suggests that such a scenario is likely. The club’s management will need to carefully consider the offers received and make a decision that aligns with their long-term strategy and financial goals.

As we dive deeper into the topic of Celtic’s potential loss, let’s shift our focus to the upcoming match between Rangers and Servette. After an impressive performance in their last encounter, the question arises: will Rangers be able to continue their winning streak against Servette?

Considering Rangers’ recent form and their solid squad depth, there is a sense of optimism among fans and pundits alike. The team has shown great tactical awareness and cohesion on the pitch, allowing them to dominate their opponents.

However, it is important to note that Servette cannot be underestimated. They have also displayed resilience and determination in their previous matches. This clash promises to be an exciting spectacle as both teams battle it out for a spot in the next round of European competition.

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