Aussie cricket legend hits back after fans wiped her from the sport’s history as they celebrated Glenn Maxwell’s stunning World Cup double century at ODI World Cup

Aussie cricket legend hits back after fans wiped her from the sport's history as they celebrated Glenn Maxwell's stunning World Cup double century at ODI World Cup

Decorated Aussie cricketer Belinda Clark has hit back after being overlooked by many fans following Glenn Maxwell’s stunning double century against Afghanistan at the ODI World Cup in India.

As the cricket world buzzed with excitement over Maxwell’s incredible achievement, Clark, a legend in her own right, found herself marginalized and forgotten. Despite her countless achievements and contributions to the sport, many fans failed to acknowledge her impact and dismissed her as irrelevant in the wake of Maxwell’s success.

It is disheartening to witness such selective memory and to see a celebrated athlete like Clark being wiped from the annals of cricket history. Clark’s accomplishments on the field should not be overshadowed or diminished by any individual’s outstanding performance.

Belinda Clark is a name that deserves recognition and reverence among cricket fans. She broke numerous records during her career, including becoming the first player to score a double-century in One Day Internationals, a feat that was unmatched for many years. Her leadership skills as captain of the Australian women’s cricket team were also unparalleled, leading them to multiple World Cup victories.

But it seems that in the frenzy of celebrating Glenn Maxwell’s remarkable accomplishment, the cricketing world has conveniently forgotten about the exceptional career of Belinda Clark. This oversight reveals a deeper problem within the sport – the lack of recognition and appreciation for women’s cricket.

Women’s cricket has long been underappreciated and underrepresented in comparison to male-dominated cricket. It is essential to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of female athletes, such as Belinda Clark, who have pushed the boundaries and paved the way for future generations of female cricketers.

It is crucial for fans and the cricketing community to remember that the sport’s history is not defined by a single extraordinary performance but by the collective achievements of all its players. Every player, regardless of gender, deserves to be acknowledged and remembered for their contributions.

Belinda Clark’s accomplishments have shaped the sport and inspired countless young players. Her dedication, skill, and passion for cricket paved the way for future generations. It is only fair that her name is included in the discussions and celebrations surrounding outstanding moments in cricket, such as Glenn Maxwell’s incredible double century.

Let us not erase the history and accomplishments of incredible athletes like Belinda Clark. Let us celebrate all cricketing heroes, male and female, for their exceptional contributions to the sport.